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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Now You See Me.....

I thought I would provide a picture so you can see what I don't look like. Ten pm and time to crack open a beer and start my story:

In 1968 I voted for the first time ever, for Lyndon Johnson. Some of you may recall that Johnson ran against Barry Goldwater who at that time was considered an ardh-conservative. I and everyone I knew got behind Johnson to stop the bombing and end the war in Vietnam. A couple of years later this joke circulated --They said if I voted for Goldwater the war in Vietnam would I voted for Goldwater -- and they were right.

About five months after the election I found myself with several thousand others (that was a big demonstration back then) in Washington protesting Johson's escalating the war. I know that was only one experience to go on, but some people don't need more that one. the post tramatic stress sydrome from that has lasted me a lifetime. The Democratic party, like pork, is the other white meat, is the other capitalist party. The champagne corks are popping over the primary yesterday. I'm curious. Who is this multi-millionaire with the anti-war stance, as he was described on one journal? I'll have to look into it.
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