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Saturday, September 22, 2007


This is not to be missed. Hugo Chavez taunting George W. Bush. The opening line alone is worth it all. "You messed up with me, Birdie." Then Chavez goes on to call Bush a donkey, an assasin and a drunk...multiple times.

I'll make an analogy..maybe. It's like when you get into a groove with drawing or painting. You are no longer conscious of being careful. It's when you do your best work. This is Hugo Chavez stream of consciousness on "Alo Presidente". Not surprising that Mr. Chavez is a painter and a poet. It's all about where it comes from. There's a never ending fountain inside all of us. Go Hugo!!!


Gimpy Owl said...

Yeah, Hugo was very amusing with his comments on the Bush. Too bad he couldn't have donated some words on Karl and Dickie.

Hmmm... oil. What year will we discover Hugo has WMD?

Grumpy Slug said...

Let's hope Hugo keeps everything in perspective. It's all so hard on the artist with so many tugs from power and the slippery oil.

Go, Hugo!!!!!