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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Psyched Out by NaNo Bar/Great Write-In

Daunted. That's what I am. After preening my feathers all morning over my 7,282 words I accidently let my cursor glide over the bar on my profile page. Who knew? Up popped the number of words left....42, something something...I couldn't see as my eyes glazed over and my spirit flagged. Help! I need to reset my living-in-the-now button.


We had a major word-producing write-in(and a cartooning about writing) yesterday.

(See Olivetti Dave)

1 comment:

TomC said...

I'm no Nano expert, but it seems to me over 7,000 by this stage is brilliant. I'll try and do a Blig Blug about agonizing about word count.