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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

How Not to Put in for a Vacation

I emailed the people I work with telling them I was taking a vacation. Thanks to Elisabeth, I now see where I went wrong.

Elisabeth Szanto to me:

You need a vacation advisor. You did that all wrong. I have marked your mistakes in red below (purple for questionable items) so that you can learn and grow in this field. Please call me with any questions. My rates are very reasonable.

Jeanne Lafferty to co-workers:
what? a vacation for me? can this be real?. well, im a gonna try.january 21-25. and oh, uh that includes the weekends on both sides. well, i'll show up for the staff party on the 24th. and i'll be around. i plan to have all your design work done by then, or if not, i will get it done anyway. if anyone needs me they can call. i am going to be trying to finish the artwork for emily's new chapbook. i'm painting the fiddler crab-one of her poems- and i'm starting to have that out-of-this-universe experience looking at it for long periods of time. i am convinced that this must be all of nature's most beautiful creature.i've never seen such colors in my life. and i guess you could also call it the ugliest son of a gun you've ever stumbled across. both views are true. maybe that's true of all us as well.good luck to me,


1 comment:

TomC said...

On the other hand, she is hard to schedule. She may be on vacation.