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Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Stephen King Novel to be set in Somerville

Flowers on the Avenue invites you in for the scare of your life. King's new novel is based on the real life shoppe of horrors on Somerville Ave, a venue where no one really knows what lurks inside. Frightenly, no one has ever been know to emerge from Flowers on the Avenue. Worse, no one has ever been know to go in! Local residents speculate that it's a facade, or perhaps a Cambridge Arts Council Public Arts project gone awry. Is this a merely two-dimensional faux brick facade with a doll house makover? Or does something decidedly macabre seeth within the dimensionally challenged Flowers on the Avenue?


Weezie said...

I survived entrance (and exit) into the hidey-hole years ago, buying prom flowers for an offspring. It's quite an experience! The most frightening aspect are the flowers wrapped round the exterior door, WHICH NEVER DIE!

Jim Calandrillo said...

I passed this place many times during my stay there this past summer and fall. I shivered as I did. One day with great and unfailing courage I decided to drop in. I experienced nightmares while standing in place at the entrance. I knew I was being badly programmed and feld oddly extra-terrestrial. Have I endured permanent brain damage? With me it's hard to tell.