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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Man Named Guido with Suitcase Full of Money

Honestly! And I though my novel was bad!!

So this guy, Guido Alfonso Something Italian Wilson, a Miami business man with dual American-Venezuelan citizenship is caught coming off a plane chartered by some Argentinian officials with a suitcase full of 800,000 US dollars. So the money is seized by customs in Argentina and Guido is picked up in Miami with four buddies (Venezuelan business men) and the four buddies are charged with being undeclared agents of a foreign power. The four are supposed to have put poor old Guido up to trying to deliver the money from the Venezualan government (this was in August) to a candidate for president of Argentina. Somehow we are supposed to know that this is what the money was for. Guess which candidate that was supposed to be! Maybe this was supposed to drive a wedge between Venezuela and Argentina. That's one of the speculations.

But guess what? Hell hath no fury like an Argentinian woman president. If this is a ploy by the US government to antagonize Argentina from Venezulea--it's had the opposite effect.

Day by day the story seems to get smaller and smaller in the press. Oh won't this be fun to run down?

Questions are being asked. Like why would the Venezuelan government bother to send Guido and his suitcase when a plane full of Venezulean diplomats, with diplomatic immunity, flew from Caracas to Buenos Aires a few days later?

What I would like to know is why Venezuela would bother to spend five cents on Cristina Fernandez's campaign when she was already a shoo-in.

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