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Saturday, March 01, 2008

My Response to Tom

First off, I want to say that it is not Tom who is trying to interfere with anyone's political self-expression. However, the Democratic Party in 24 states has done it's damndest to stop the Nader campaign by waging horrendously expensive lawsuits against his past ballot initiatives. Most of these, Ralph has won, so far.. I suggest the movie "An Unreasonable Man" for evidence of this. I will eventually post links to what I consider the perfidy of that party regarding Ralph's right to run. Voltaire is turning over in his grave.
And I agree with Tom that one of these two clowns (either Obama or McCain) will likely be the next president of what's left of what used to be America. However, without voices like Ralph Nader's. Matt Gonzalez's and Peter Camejo's, I believe that the "American political discourse" would indeed, be limited in a "profoundly conservative way".
If Obama is elected it is in no way clear to me that this is not in reality an "endorsement of attempts to carry on the war indefinitely" I don't think that Obama supporters know this or want to know it. I sympathize. Who the hell would want to know a thing like this? But if you are nuts enough to want to know, please examine Barack's positions on the war and other issues like health care reform, military spending and foreign policy, and his silence about the corporate takeover of America.
There is an impression of a reemergence of a sense of hope and a desire for change among Americans. This was also true in the mid-sixties (wow! my own age now!) when JFK was swept into office on the ashes of McCarthyism and a socially repressive society. The radicalization of my generation had already begun by then.
In my next post I want to take up some of the other points that Tom has raised But I am a firm beleiver in short statements. So stay tuned, dear friends, for more Lafferty-Canel sword fights in the coming months.
ps See Toms's entry on the post below. I'll try to keep these in order, tho it may not be possible in all cases.

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