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Monday, March 03, 2008

Where is Tom's Faith in the Anti-War Movement?

I just gotta say that Nader sitting home on his duff will do nothing to get these ideas out there. So, okay. Tom does not use the spoiler label in the traditional sense. He could if he wanted to, but he doesn't. But...then why should Nader not run? Tom says because it will make liberals hate him and not listen to him. But...if he shuts up (doesn't run) then... I dunno what then.

Nader's support is not going to come from the traditional liberal population. Long dialogue could be had on this one. Another quibble that I have with Tom's argument is that it is (in my opinion) too focused on what happens at the top. But I think we have a serious dilemma that the 70% of Americans that oppose the war have not found independent avenues of bringing enough pressure to bear on either the current administration or on the front-running candidates.

I think my problem is that I just don't like some of these people who call themselves liberals. The insane attacks on Nader/Camejo were chilling. I recommend the movie, An Unreasonable Man. Finding someone else to blame your problems on is the great American past-time. This is not what Tom's doing here. But you know it's why the Nader haters are foaming.

I'm glad those liberals, Democrats- whatever you want to call them - didn't kill Ralph and least not so far. Well, I'll end here after finding a suitable graphic to put up that represents my position.

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