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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Cripple You Yoga

Larry the Fish does not need expensive classes to make him a fish. He's a fish.

Arrgh! The search for enlightenment is over the minute you think it's a search. I'll admit that it's not so easy to discover that you are sitting on a gold mine of peace and enlightenment, but it's gonna be a long way off if you're trying to 'buy' it. Get up and out the door, folks This is America. There's nothing they won't 'sell' you. Don't be mystified (except in the best sense). It's all free. Acceptance is the beginning of the end of all striving. Can we just be? It costs nothing. No one can package and sell it.

Listen. We used to work. We used to do our own work. We walked to work. We were farmers. We worked in the home. We don't walk to work anymore. We aren't allowed to plant and harvest anymore. Big Agro does it for us. Laugh if you want to, but going down to the river to beat the clothes in the stream was a better workout than you can pay for today. And it was a community experience. In the old days we worked our bodies hard. It was a hard life, too hard. But now they tell us that life is not hard. Well it is. It's bitterly hard. Our communities are gone and we don't(for the most part use our legs or our muscles to do work. So we have to pay for a gym or sign up for yoga classes. This is not cheap and not within the reach of most people.

Instead, for the poor, we have television. For all of us we have television. I stood on line at Dunkin Donuts with a huge T.V. in my face while I waited for four minutes for my iced coffee. Four minutes, I can't live without T.V.

Apparently people have T.V. sets built into the seats of their SUV's.

Why not just sew the T.V. onto your head?

Okay, so I'm ranting. But what else is a blog for? Healing, mediation, enlightement,it's all big business in the USA. Mail order mystics, as Chris Smither calls them. Go out, friends, and do your own work. Don't pay people to teach you how to move around. We were born knowing how to do that. Turn on the music and start dancing.

Best of luck,


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