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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Nativity Participants Locked Forever in Small Glass Case

Another horrific post-Christmas discovery--also on Hampshire Street--has come to light in the recent investigations surrounding the disorientation of the beloved figure of Father Christmas. Concerned adherents to the Christianity aspects of the recent December holiday reported Baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph, the 3 wise men and a menagerie of barnyard livestock missing last week. "They usually return to the spirit world." mused Father Peter of Our Lady of the Sorrows Church here in Cambridge. Representatives of various Prostestant demoninations called in the missing group of Holy People shortly after an ecuminical meeting of desparate representatives of the clergy. After going public in the pulpits with the news, callers on the dedicated hot line set up for tips were able to alert the authorities to the whereabouts of the unique and grotesque solution of the missing historical figures. Again, right on Hampshire street, they were found, apparently safe but locked for all eternity inside a small glass box set on stilts so as to be seen at eye-level. Questions were raised about how all these people and farm animals could fit in a diorama of such tiny proportions. Experts have explained that people used to be a lot smaller back then.

1 comment:

Jim Calandrillo said...

Well, thanks be to God they were found!! Such an unusual setting. And, again, on Hampshire Street, which leads many to believe that some sort of Christmas tide turned into a tsunami and wrought havoc with our three dimensional, rational world on that renowned block.
It's just a theory, but some religious adherents believe that the "Holy Family with barn yard animals" are tucked into what should be one of the invisible dimensions that quantum theory predicts. Only somehow, the dimension has been uncurled as a fern would be in the morning light and, thus exposed, is meant to give us new hope and faith. After all, this glass enclosure is transparent, and seems to refute the Biblical injunction that we only see things "through a glass darkly." It remains to be further seen whether the spirit world will call this hallowed tableaux back into the unseen world. In the mean time, this is a wonderful opportunity to give full scrutiny to the manger scene and consider it a postcard from the edge addressed to all humanity. It has certaintly revived my sagging spirits.