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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Santa Back and Ready for Action

Only a week or so after the tragic deflation of that Merry Old Embodiment of the Christmas Spirit-- a Miracle--not on 42nd Street, but on Hampshire Street has been documented. Yes it's Santa and he's all ready to take off again in his sleigh just 3 weeks after his last ride. Caught in a time warp? Some kind of Christmas Day Groundhog Day scenario? Psychiatrists at the Institue for Magical Thinking which specializes in emblematic holiday figures are still working on it. As of this report they have not been able to bring the mythological Kris Kringle in for direct observation. The photo was taken on December 17th and at last reports Santa was still in this Zen meditative pose prior to what he seems to believe is his regularly scheduled take-off. Pundits noting the lack of Santa's sack are convinced that the elves have not been convinced to put in the incredible amounts of overtime required to produce the requisite number of gifts. A careful search of North Pole headquarters failed to find even a single wish list sent in after December 25th.Commentators have also noted the absence of the reindeer including Rudolf whose nose was reported lit up at the Windsor Tap a mere couple of blocks from where Santa sits frozen in time and place. Perhaps it's all just a metaphor for a world gone mad, or at least a made-up world gone mad.


TomC said...

I think Santa is preparing for the Winter Olympics- the luge event.

Jim Calandrillo said...

This is a puzzling one. As a psychiatrist from The Institute of Magical Thinking (as well as The Institute for Marginal Thinking)it is my belief that indeed the elves are gone, the reindeer are gone, the sack o' presents is gone, yet Santa languishes on Hampshire Street. I suspect that having seen all the deflated fake Santas, snowmen, etc. the real Santa here is probably a thought manifestation stuck in the snow. Very strong minded beings like Santa and others can feel and think so deeply that they create a phantom reality, while the rest of the cast (elves, reindeer, bag o' toys)vanish with the arrow of time. Santa is there on Cambridge and is not there. Proof positive that thoughts are things.