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Friday, October 19, 2007

Kirk Davis's Amazon Reviews

I died laughing. According to Kirk, all this was done during a year of unemployment. See 'em all at the link below.

Reviews on Amazon by Kirk Davis

Here's just one example:

Mauviel Copper 8-Inch Egg White Bowl with Ring
Price: $54.00
Availability: In Stock
4 used & new from $54.00

1 of 11 people found the following review helpful: (I really, really want to know who found this review helpful-Jeanne)

At first I was very frustrated by the fact that this bowl had a perfectly round bottom and wouldn't sit on my countertop. Then: I got an idea. "Buy a second bowl!" I thought. Now I just put ingredients in one of the bowls and duct tape the other bowl so that the two combine to make a complete sphere. Then my kids and I kick the "ball" around in the back yard until we feel like getting back to the kitchen. By then, egg-whites will be beaten, ingredients blended, etc. etc. And by the time my boys reach college, they'll be certain to get scholarships for their soccer prowess. Oh, who am I kidding. Jacob can't kick his way out of a paper bag. Still, good times.


Jim Calandrillo said...

Thank you, Kirk, for your insightful comments, whether about bowls, bowels, or Ann Coulter. I have ordered all of the books that you have reviewed, based upon your reviews. I am now broke. Do you think you could review the book "Nickled and Dimed"? and then recommend that we don't purchase it? Maybe you could go a little easier on the star ratings. I'm a sucker for multiple stars placed next to a book title.
Thank you.

Jim Calandrillo said...

this is so timely, that i have mentioned it on my blog site, La Perduta Gente. This Kirk is amazing.

Anonymous said...

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